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What you need . . .

So, your are putting on an event, and that means you have attendees, customers, and maybe a boss to impress. You need to attain a level of professionalism and style that will make your event stand out in their memory. Audio is a staple of any event, be it a celebration, wedding, dance, mixer, or awards show. Between speeches, announcements, and music, there is a lot to keep track of.

And nothing ruins a good event like poor mixing, bland music, or most painful of all, mic feedback.

You don't want your attendees covering their ears because the DJ wasn't watching the sound levels with his full attention.

The Blue Spotlight Project has been providing comprehensive and professional DJ Services for 20+ years. We have the experience to make sure that our event has the audio quality that it deserves.

From setup, lighting, and microphones to pipe and drape, dry ice, and custom playlists, we handle it all so you don't have to break a sweat. All we need is a spot to set up the DJ booth, and then we take it from there!

As an added bonus, we provide personalized attention to each event - this means that you get an invoice that fits nicely into your budget, and you get as much bang as you possibly can for your buck. 


So if you are putting together a:

   •    Wedding

   •    Bar/Bat Mitzvah

   •    Birthday/Sweet 16

   •    Anniversary Party

   •    Corporate Event

   •    OR College/University/High School Event

Contact us below to get the audio your event deserves (with a 'No Mic Feedback' Guarantee)!

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