What you need . . .

Your customers know your bar or venue as THE spot in town to sit down and have a good time. They rely on you to keep the entertainment coming, and you do a great job (why else would they be there?)

But the job isn't easy. You've got to keep things fresh and novel without breaking the bank or working tons of extra hours. That's no simple task.

So, you want to feature a fun new event to keep your patrons engaged. Something that will entertain your customers and provide plenty of fun.

SpeedQuizzing is the easy and affordable way to do it. With a fast pace, tough questions, and team scoring, no other game can provide banter and laughter so easily.

All you have to do is provide the venue, and Blue Spotlight does the rest. We bring in a trained MC and even speakers if needed. Players just need their phones to submit answers before the timer runs out!

Let us know what you are looking for below, and we will help keep your venue as the go-to spot for an evening of fun.

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